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  • Welcome to the Halo warriors H3 clan Home page.If you just got recruited into the clan by a halo warrior please register on the website with your Gamer tag and read the following-

    A few basic things about the halo warriors H3.

    We pwn other clans!
    We always win!
    We stick together!
    We fight are hardest!
    We hate traitors!!

    Donot talk crap to other members of this clan
    Do talk crap about other clans
    Pwn members of other clans
    No racism

    Join us Are clan rules!

    Other things-

    To become a leader of a Halo warrior H3 group-

    Suggest a good name for a group
    Play on live with me Shamcondaddy this is my gamer tag
    Be on site and post a lot on forums
    Recruit a lot of people
    Thank-you for reading. Our motto-KILL MORE DIE LESS

    Clan leader- Shamcondaddy
    Clan leader- Top Most Wanted
    Co-leader-Barreto 117
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  • insane blue
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    Added: 01 Oct 2008, 21:36
    Barreto 117

    what if i.....
    Owner: Gallery Administrator
    Added: 01 Oct 2008, 21:29
    Barreto 117

    fight to death
    Owner: Gallery Administrator
    Added: 01 Oct 2008, 21:29
    Barreto 117

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